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Kim McNair’s premier show of ‘Women On The Move’ features an interview with Mrs. Lucille O’Neal,
author (Walk Like You Have Somewhere To Go), speaker, philanthropist and the mother of NBA standout Shaquille O’Neal. Kim’s lineup of dynamic guests always share something aspirational for women who are pacesetters,
entrepreneurs and on the move.

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AIB is also heavily vested in the creation and distribution of original programming content that feeds the mind and promotes healthy bodies and spirits. From programs that encourage exercise to educational programs that teach a new language, AIB original programming is for life and for all to enjoy.

Featured Programmer

The Billy Holloway Show

A uplifting blend of conversation, music and an inspirational moment as Billy Holloway hosts a variety of special guests. Billy brings us gospel award winners, faith leaders, aspiring artists and others for insightful and engaging look into their lives. From music videos to on-air performances to spontaneous outbursts of joy, you willed be filled and uplifted.