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AIB-TV, Atlanta’s interfaith network, is your source for interfaith religious, spiritual and nonprofit television and videos. Join us and explore world religions and  religious holidays and dialogue between those of all faiths.  Find out cool and current stuff about Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, Taoist, Bahai, Mennonites and more. From traditional to contemporary ministries – there’s no better place to be than AIB-TV.
AIB Metro
Premieres April 2nd at 6:30 p.m.

AIB Metro will be taking a look at the way wine is made and what it takes to establish yourself in the wine industry. Next, we look at Purim parties and the history behind one of Jewish culture's lesser known holidays. The Horizon Theater is renounced for the plays and playwrights it has brought to Atlanta and continues the tradition with the faith based play Grand Concourse set to run March 27th to April 26th. Lastly we will visit the High Museum for an exciting new exhibit by Wilfredo Lamb.
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AIB Presents: Reciting the Rosary
Premieres April 6th 7:00pm

What is the rosary -- the object, the prayer? -- Find out in this engaging ABI Presents exploring the history and mystery of the Catholic tradition of praying the rosary. You'll meet a member of the Rosary Army and the rosary app for the cellphone, as a tradition from the middle ages goes high tech.
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Sky Box
Premieres April 21st at 7:30 am

On March 14th, the USA Women's Rugby Team competed in an exciting Sevens Series at Kennesaw State University to find out who will qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics. AIB was on location to gain insight from some of its top players including Megan Bonny, Victoria Folayan, and Kelly Griffin. Also, AIB drops in on the Bobby Jones Exhibit at Emory University to learn more about the legendary golfer. Finally, AIB offers a segment with a golf pro offering some tips on how to better your game. You won't to miss this amazing episode of Skybox!
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  Ninth Day of Ridvan
   April 29th
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