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Special Presentation: "Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Pie" A celebration of renowned southern chef Edna Lewis, in a documentary produced by award-winning documentary filmmaker, Bailey Barash. In "Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Pie," we explore how Miss Lewis put southern cuisine squarely on the culinary map and learn about her special relationship with chef Scott Peacock. Following the documentary, we hear from southern cookbook authors Ted and Matt Lee, who reflect on the woman they consider a superstar of southern cuisine. Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Pie Premieres May 20th @ 9:00pm... for additional air times check:

Sacred Spaces Take a morning hike up Arabia Mountain with Ranger Robby Astrove, Park Ranger of the Davidson-Arabia Nature Preserve. Explore the natural beauty of this living laboratory, as its fragile yet hardy ecosystem teaches us lessons about life and the sacred space all humanity calls home, the Earth. Premieres May 19th.

Inside AIB

Cheryl Crawford, co-founder of Grounded Kids Yoga and founder of the Atlanta Yoga Movement, guides Fernbank Elementary School students in yoga poses as part of the Atlanta public school’s popular yoga club. The AIB Network looks forward to bringing this engaging yoga experience to our young and young-at-heart audience. So grab your yoga mat and stay tuned for more yoga fun!

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AIB is also heavily vested in the creation and distribution of original programming content that feeds the mind and promotes healthy bodies and spirits. From programs that encourage exercise to educational programs that teach a new language, AIB original programming is for life and for all to enjoy.

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Cliftondale Church

The mission of Cliftondale Church is to point all people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We create an environment where people are empowered to fulfill their calling from God. Our pastor, Reverend Doctor Kevin Murriel, teaches individuals to live with confidence by encouraging them to develop and maintain a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.