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AIB-TV, Atlanta’s interfaith network, is your source for interfaith religious, spiritual and nonprofit television and videos. Join us and explore world religions and  religious holidays and dialogue between those of all faiths.  Find out cool and current stuff about Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, Taoist, Bahai, Mennonites and more. From traditional to contemporary ministries – there’s no better place to be than AIB-TV.
AIB Presents 2014 Allen Awards

AIB Allen Awards honors leaders in the community who are contributing to humanity through their services, time and commitment. Persons honored in 2014 are Jerusalem House (John A. Conant Community Service Award), Kenny Leon (Creative Arts Award), Rev. Elisabeth Omilami (John H. Allen Humanitarian Award) and Georgia Black Women Attorney's (AIB Programmer of the Year). Performers included Brenda Strickland and Hank Stewart. The program was hosted by Angelia Wright-Rheaves
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AIB Presents premiers on AIB Mondays at 7:00 P.M.
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Junior Chefs
Premieres Mondays at 4:30 pm

Chef Kia, with the help of MyPlate, teaches young aspiring chefs about food safety, the nutritional value of our food and how fun cooking can be on this new AIB program. Junior Chefs is geared toward children between the ages of seven and fourteen, but can be appreciated by parents that will surely enjoy the educational value and witty animated characters in the series.
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Everyday Ethics
Premieres Mondays at 6:00 pm

Everyday Ethics explores critical contemporary issues from conflict to end-of-life concerns, through the lens of ethical considerations. Scholars from Emory University's Center for Ethics define ethical decision-making as it applies to life, from decisions made in the privacy of our homes to the public arena. AIB is proud to partner with Emory's Ethics Center to produce Everyday Ethics.
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AIB and Satcher Health Leadership Institute Partnership Explores Healthcare Disparities
The Satcher Health Leadership Institute of Morehouse School of Medicine in partnership with AIB presents a 12-part series on Healthcare Disparities. Topics include quality parenting, child development, health promotion, disease prevention, prison re-entry, leadership development, mental health, primary care, sexual health and obesity prevention. Tune in every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. on AIB.
Funding provided by Southwest Hospital Community Foundation.
  Yom Ha' Atzmaut
   April 27th
The 2014 Allen Awards
2014 AIB allen Awards
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