Rising Lotus QiGong

Season 1

Christina Barea and Peyton Young of the Rising Lotus Qigong introduce you to the simple mind, body, breath practice of qigong for beginners and the Eight Silk Brocade. Qigong is a term used to describe a large variety of meditations, exercises, breathing techniques, life habits, healing modalities, treatment protocols, spiritual beliefs and more. The actual definition of qigong is “the practice of energy cultivation over time” and throughout this series, Christina and Peyton will be your guides through this ancient practice.
Includes 13 Episodes

Season 2

Balance your Qi (energy) in Season 2 of Rising Lotus Qigong, as you expand your knowledge of the Eight Silk Brocade technique and join Christian Barea and Peyton Young to improve your meditations and breathing techniques.
Includes 11 Episodes