Que Hora Es ?

Season 1

Instructor Dr. Danny Evans teaches introductory Spanish (beginners) to our audience and along the way, introduces us to aspects of Hispanic culture.

Season 2

Dr. Dany Evans takes us to his classroom to teach us more Spanish and take us to an intermediate level of understanding of the language. In this 2nd season he also takes us on location to friends’ houses, restaurants and venues to learn different cultural aspects of several countries including Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Colombia, and Mexico.

Season 3

Dr. Danny Evans takes us even deeper into the Spanish language to help us better understand it and to help us use it more often. A new conversation segment has been added to the show format to provide another tool for the viewer to practice the language. They have slower speech skits with the dialogue scrolling along the side of the screen for the viewer to follow along. Dr. Danny Evans also takes us to the Carlos Museum at Emory University to learn about ancient Hispanic cultures. He also visits new places and friends to give us a glimpse into other cultures.

Season 4

In season four of  Que Hora Es?, Dr. Danny Evans takes us deeper into the Spanish language and culture with grammar and vocabulary lessons as well as with engaging dialogue that includes subtitles to reinforce comprehension and conversation. Fellow instructor Robin Bates provides a review of previous lessons and Dr. Evans invites viewers to experience Spanish culture with visits to a  flamenco dance recital and to a Mexican wrestling match.