Kids Can Cook

Season 1

Join in on the fun with our kids as they go across Metro Atlanta visiting local chefs that will teach you how to prepare and create great tasting, healthy meals. You will also learn food safety and how to make a balanced meal. Chef Ashley prepares everything from breakfast muffins to fruit salad in a fun and engaging way that both children and adults can enjoy.
Includes 10 Episodes

Season 2

Had a long day? Instead of making dinner for your family let your kids cook for a change. We have the perfect chef to get the job done. Join in on the fun as Chef Brittany Love teaches our kids how to prepare and create great tasting meals.
Includes 6 Episodes

Season 3

Chef Brittany Love shows parents simple and tasty vegan recipes they can make with their children after school as a snack or quick meal. Love is the owner and pastry chef of Free Birds Vegan Bakery.
Includes 5 Episodes