En Francais

Season 1

En Francais is a step by step guide to the French language. Learn and be taken on a cultural journey through one of Europe's most beautiful languages and cultures, with host and teacher Helene Toure, as she engages you with conversations and cultural notes on her native France. Each episode will educate and motivate you to pick up the great language that is French!

Season 2

Get ready to learn how to Speak French on this second season of En Francais with Helene Toure. Helene teaches 13 new lessons. Each episode showcases: French speakers sharing dialogues with and without subtitles. Guest Host Professor Bernard explains common mistakes he finds with people who are learning French. In our new segment we’ll also visit French connections in Atlanta as well as learn a new French saying of the day and how it came about. Helene gives us a quiz each episode to make sure we understand this exciting European language!