About Dr. Amy J
Dr. Amy Josephson received her Chiropractic Doctorate from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia in 1997 and went on to develop a successful practice in Atlanta. Dr. Amy is Yoga Alliance Certified, having been trained through Yoga Works in Manhattan and the Houston School of Texas. She has taught Yoga and Meditation for the past 17 years, has been teaching Aerobics for 28 years and is Sports Fitness Certified. She is credentialed to teach Children’s and Pregnancy Yoga and works with various specialty groups, medical patients, the underprivileged and the mentally challenged. Dr. Amy J. teaches various techniques on all levels. She practices and has studied mostly Ashtanga, Iyengar and Anusara Yoga.  With her culmination of Yoga practices and studies she practices her teaching as "Dr. Amy J Yoga".
Yoga with Dr. Amy J Season 3  
Yoga with Dr. Amy J Season 3

Enhance your life with Dr. Amy J in her new 2015 series of Yoga.  Dr. Amy J's passion is to enhance people's lives whether physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.  Living healthy and being happy begins with you.  Take charge of your health and the rest will follow.  Dr. Amy J teaches with guidance, proper alignment and the willingness to let your body lead you and have fun.  Dr. Amy J loves working with people and is proud to have her assistant show you advanced poses and poses with modifications.  Her favorite motto is "Always Honor Your Body"!  Dr. Amy J has studied and worked with various corporations and people of all ages.  Her heartfelt vision is to create a safe place for healing and growing in all aspects for all people. Take charge of your health with

Dr. Amy J in her new 2015 series of Yoga.

Previous Episodes
Episode 1
Dr. Amy J takes you through the steps of Sun Salutation A, Warrior 1 and Mountain pose.
Episode 2
Dr. Amy J shows you advanced and modified poses for Sun Salutation B, Chair Pose, Warrior 2 and Runners Pose.
Episode 3
Create movement and allow your body to go with it using the breath as the team revisits meditative poses Sun Salutation A and Runners Pose. 
Episode 4
Honor where you're at - with no judgement - with this series of balancing poses taught by Dr. Amy J. 
Episode 5
Dr. Amy J. walks us through vinyasa flows - taking one pose into another in a flow series. 
Episode 6
Dr. Amy J and team work through holding poses like happy baby and rock and roll.
Episode 7
Enhance your life with stretching and strengthening your body and your mind in this 30-minute guided yoga class with Dr. Amy Josephson. In this program you will become familiar with standard yoga poses and practices, as Dr. Amy guides students through the yoga moves.
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